2010 Jun

posted Jun 18, 2010, 9:04 AM by ADM SEIC   [ updated Jul 1, 2010, 9:58 AM ]

30     June overeas guests visting HKSEIC
          - Beijing Cultural Development Centre for Rural Women
          - Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation
          - Xingeng Workshop   
          - School of Global Service, Sookmyung Women's University
          - SEN (Social Enterprise Network)
         HK Social Enterprise Organizing Committee meeting
         HKSEM interview Legislative Councilor, Dr. Samson Tam (JP) 
29     HKU Alumni Association & PCCW Virtual Social Enterprsie Club meeting 
25     Certificate of Appreciation awarded by CUHK Shaw College as Internship Partner
         PYNEH meeting 
24     Representing IFA-HK attendinng CPD Alliance AGM
         Dinner invitation by 40+ Association
23     Regeneration Society Board of Directors meeting
22     HKSEM Editorial Board meeting
         Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre meeting
         Hon. Guest Speaker to Lingnan University
21     Lunch invitation by CBN HK
         HKU SPACE Alumni Social Entrepreneurship Club meeting
         HKU internship students meetings  
19     Hon. Guest to IVE Accounting Software Applications Competition for Secondary School Students Prize Presentation Ceremony 
18     Lunch invitation by CUHK
         CUHK summer course students social enterprise project briefing
17     Hon. Guest to Hong Kong Internet Governance Forum Gala Dinner 
         HKU SPACE Alumni meeting
15     HKU Intternship students meeting
         CUHK summer course students Senior Citizens Home Safety Association visits  
11     Lunch invitation by Polytechnic University Alumni Association
         CUHK summer course internship to HKSEIC briefing
         Institute of Financial Accountants Council Meeting 
10     Hon. Facilitator (represent HKU Centre for Criminology) to Lunchtime Symposium on Fair Employment Opportunities for Rehabilitated Persons
         Lead CUHK students visit Mental Health Association social enterprises
9       HKSEM interviews Dr. Lee G. Lam
         PYNEH meeting 
8       Polytechnic University meeting
7       Lead CUHK students visit NAAC social enterprises
         HKU Internship students meeting
4       Lead CUHK students visit TWGH social enterprises
         HKU SPACE Alumni Virtual Social Entrepreneurship Club meeting
3       Guest Lecturer to CUHK summer course " Social Enterprise Business Plan"
         40+ Association meeting
2       Guest Lecturer to CUHK summer course "Social Enterprise Internet Marketing" with DP Systems
         CUHK lunch invitation   
         Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council meeting  
1       Guest Lecturer to CUHK "Social Enterprise Accounting" summer course with IFA Hon. Secretary
         HKU Service Learning students meeting