2010 Aug

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            :  Officiating Guest: The Hon. Wong Yan Lung SC JP Secretary for Justice
            40+ Distinguish Awards
            :  Panel of Judges - Mr. John Chan Cho Chak GBS JP  /   Dr. Darwin Chen Tat Man SBS JP       
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           Methodist Church Strategic Committee meeting
           Dinner invitation by HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum
30       Shatin Hospital meeting 
26       Dinner invitation by 40+ Association
25       HK Poly U students meeting
           IFA Accounting Social Enterprise (HK) Limited meeting
24       TWGH Kwong Wah Hospital meeting
23       Caritas Medical Centre meeting
22       HKSEIC (Chinese) Article on "Social Enterprise & Christianity" - Kingdom Revival Times (HK)
20       Hon. Guest to IT Accountants Association Annual Dinner
           HKSEIC Charity Ball committee meeting 
19       United Christian Hospital meeting
           Regeneration Charity Fund meeting 
           Instisute of Financial Accountants Council meeting
18       HK Poly U students meeting 
           40+ Distinguish Awards selection committee meeting 
17       IFA Accounting Social Enterprise (Hong Kong) Limited meeting
16       Shatin Hospital meeting
           YMCA meeting 

15      HKSEIC  -  Continental European Restaurant
          Patio 88 
          2/F, CS Tower
          No:50 Wing Lok Street,
          Sheung Wan
14      Hon. Facilitator to Regeneration Society Retreat Day
          Glory Return (Funeral Service) Social Enterprise meeting
13      HKU SPACE Alumni Council meeting
12      HKSEIC Charity Ball meeting 
11      HK Poly U students meeting
          Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County Red Cross International Rescue Service Centre meeting
          HKSEIC interviewed by Metro Newspaper
10      HKU students meeting
9        Lunch invitation by United Christian Hospital
          HKSEM Final Meeting - project closed 
7        IFA Accounting Social Enterprise inauguration ceremony meeting
6        HKSEIC Charity Ball meeting
5       "40+ Distinguish Award" Selection Committee meeting
          Hang Seng Bank meeting
          Social Enterprises e-Society Committee meeting
          Cancer Patients Care Social Enterprise meeting
4        HK Poly U students meeting