2010 July

posted Jul 14, 2010, 9:47 AM by ADM SEIC   [ updated Aug 1, 2010, 10:53 PM ]
30     40+ Association / HKSEIC interviews Mr. Raymond Wong - Film Producer
          Hon. Judge to HKU General Education Unit Summer Leadership Course
29      HKSEM interviews Profesor K.M. Chan - CUHK Centre for Civil Society Studies
          HK College of Technology students meeting 
28      HK Poly U students meeting
          HKSEIC Charity Ball Committee meeting
          40+ Association dinner meeting
27      HKU students meeting
26      HKSEM interviews Ms. Elizabeth Law - Founding President to Association of Women Accountants
24       Hon. Guest to Yan Chai Hospital Charity Ball 
23       HKU Lunch Meeting
           Hon. Guest to HKU Forum on Community Service
22       HKU SPACE Social Enterprises e-Society meeting
           PYNEH & HK POLY U Cancer Patients SE meeting
20       HKSEM interviews Mr. Paul Chan Mo Po - Legislative Councilor (Accountancy)
           Lunch meeting with United Christian Hospital & Caritas Hospital
           HKSEM Editorial Board meeting
19       HKU students meeting
           HK Poly U students meeting 
           New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association meeting
16       HKSEM interview CUHK Vice-chancellor, Prof. Joseph J.Y.Sung
           Wanchai District Council meeting
            Fullness Christian Vocational Training Council meeting 

15     HKSEM nterview Dr. Ko Wing Man (BBS)
         IFA "Accounting Social Enterprise" lunch meeting
14     HKU Faculty of Science meeting
13     HK TDC Management Consultancy Focus Group meeting
         Methodist Church Council Meeting 
12     HK Poly U students meeting
         HKSEIC Charity Ball meeting
9       HKU internship students meeting
         HKU CEDARS meeting
         Virtual Social Enterprise Club meeting 
         HKSEM nterview Dr. Darwin Chen (SBS) - Chairman, HKU SPACE Advisory Committee
8       CUHK summer course students meeting
7       NAAC Service Centre meeting
         Fullness Christian Vocatioanl Training Centre meeting 
6       40+ Association meeting
         HKU CEDARS meeting
5       Hon. Guest to CMA (Certified Management Accountant) Australia HK Office Grand Opening 
         HKSEM interviews Prof. Andrew C.F. Chan (SBS) - Head, Shaw College CUHK 
2       Lunch invitation by TWGH
         Hon. Guest to Kong Fook Church Urban Ministry Conference