2010 Sep

posted Sep 20, 2010, 11:54 AM by ADM SEIC   [ updated Oct 1, 2010, 10:01 PM ]
30    Hon. Guest to The Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship Social Enterprise Forum
29    Hon. Guest Speaker to HKU SPACE College of Humanities & Law
28     Interview by ATV promoting social enterprise
        Hon. Guest to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Accreditation Ceremony
27     Interview by Metro Finance Radio Mr. Heung Shui Fai
        Hon. Moderator to HKU SPACE Alumni Social Enterprise e-Society Forum delived by Dr. K.K. Tse
25     Hon. Guest to HK Poly U Public Policy Research Institute sharing Glory Return Social Enterprise 
24     Interview by VCast TV hosted by Mr. Tsang Chee Ying / Dr. Szeto Wing Fu promoting social enterprise
21     HKSEIC interview Mrs. Sophia Leung GBS (Legisaltive Councilor - Textiles)
         Interview by Cable TV promoting social enterprise
20     Social Enterprise e-Society (SEES) & HKU Poon Kam Kai Institute (PKKI) meeting
         Hon. Guest Speaker to HKU SPACE College of Business & Finance
         Dinner invitation by HKU Property & Real Estate Agents Alumni Association
19     Glory Return Social Enterprise meeting 
17     Hon. Guest to Western District Auxiliary Police Annual Continuation Training Camp Passing Out Parade
          Social Enterprise Academy set-up  

         IFA SE Inauguration Ceremony at Luk Kwok Hotel
         Officiating Guest: Ms. Florence Hui JP - Under Secretary to Home Affairs Bureau
        4 Sectors Representatives:
        Mr. Paul Chan JP - Legislative Councilor (Accountancy)
        Mr. Patrick Pang - Quality Framework (Chief Manager)
        Mr. Gerry Ma JP - Trade & Industry Department SME Co-ordination Committee Chairman
        Dr. Lee G. Lam - Macquarie Capital (Chairman)
        Ms. Elizabeth Law JP - Association of Women Accountants (Founding President)       
        Dr. Jane Lee - HKU SPACE (Deputy Director)
        Mr. Stephen Lee - Drucker Academy (Chairman; Prof. Chan Kin Man - CUHK Centre for Civil Society Studies (Director)  
        Prof. K.M. Chan - CUHK Centre for Civil Society Studies

        Dr. Lawrence Yick MH - Chinese YMCA (General Secretary)
        Dr. Darwin Chen SBS
        Ms. Samantha Ko - HK PHAB (General Secretary)
        Mr. Timothy Ma - Senior Citizens Home Safety Association (Executive Director)
        Institute of Financial Accountants
        Mr. James Kong JP MH - IFA International VP
        Mr. Tanny Yu - IFA-HK Chairman
        Mr. Raymond Yim - IFA-HK Vice-chairman / IFA SE Executive Director
15    Hon. Guest Speaker on "Social Enterprise e-Society" to HKU SPACE College of Humanities & Law
        Hon. Guest to HKU Faculty of Science internship students "Service Learning on Social Enterprise" presentation
        Representing IFA-HK attend HK Accountants National Day Celebration Dinner  
        HK Poly U Faculty of Business Advisors meeting
14     Princess Margaret Hospital meeting
         Hon. Guest to "Hang Seng Bank 14th Regeneration Warriors Awards" press conference
         Methodist Church Council Meeting
         Hon. Moderator to HKU SPACE Alumni Social Enterprise Talk by Kee Chi Hing
         Marketing SE steering committee meeting
         CUHK Faculty of Sociology meeting
11     HKSEIC Charity Ball committee meeting
         CBN meeting
         HKU internship students meeting 
10     Renal Rehabilitation Social Enterprise steering committee meeting.
         Methodsit Church Benevolent Committee meeting 
9       Glory Return Social Enterprise meeting
8       Hon. Guest Speaker on "Social Enterprise e-Society" to HKU SPACE Staff Meeting
         Regeneration Society Board of Directors meeting 
7       HKSEIC Charity Ball committee meeting 
        The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Social Enterprise Committee meeting 
6       HKU SPACE Alumni "Social Enterprise e-Society" SEES meeting
         Patient Care Social Enterprise meeting  
4       Hon. Judge to HKU BEEP on Social Enterprise Presentation and Ceremony
         Hon. Guest (Advisor) to CUHK Centre for Civil Society Studies Retreat Day
3       HK Social Enterprise Summit 2010 Organizing Committee meeting
         Peter F. Drucker Academy meeting
         TWGH Kwong Wah Hospital meeting
          Meeting with Mrs Sophia Leung - Legislative Councilor  
1       Accounting Social Enterprise meeting
         HKSEIC Charity Ball committee meeting