2011 Dec

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30      Hon. Guest to KCRA Community Education Enhancement Centre Annual Dinner

29      End of Life SE meeting

23      CNEC Kei Shek Church meeting

22      HA West Cluster meeting 

21      HKSE Summit Lunch Meeting

20      North District Hospital meeting

19      End of Life Social Enterprise meeting

16      KCRA Community Education Enhancement Centre meeting

15      Hon. Guest to UK / HK social entrepreneurs video-conferencing

14      HKU Centre on Behavioral Study meeting

13      Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital meeting

12      North District Hospital meeting

11      Hon. Guest to Echo Valley 23rd Anniversary Ceremony

        Hon. Guest to St. Paul's College 160th Anniversary cum Dinner

8      HKUST meeting

7      Fukien Secondary School Work Placement meeting

6      Hon. Guest to HKU Memories from the Archives

5      Hon. Guest to Mirror Newspaper CSR Forum

        Lunch invitation by The YuenYuen Institute

        Art & Craft Social Enterprise for Shamshuipo deprived women meeting 

2      Hong Kong Shue Yan University meeting