31    Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital meeting
        Hospital Authority West Cluster presentation
29    Hon. Guest to Zonta Club of Kowloon Fund Raising Gala
27    United Christian Hospital meeting
        Tuen Mun Hospital meeting
26    Postnatal Care SE fundraising meeting
        Florist SE incubating meeting
25    Regeneration Society Board of Directors meeting
         Goodness & Love (End of Life Social Enterprise) meeting  
24    Hon. Guest to Sino-Life Group Limited HK Office Opening Ceremony
        HK IVE meeting 
23    Methodist Church Finance Committee meeting 
        Interview by Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School
21    40+ Association Dinner 
20    Tuen Mun Hospital meeting
        Postnatal Care Social Enterprise Spring Dinner 
19    Methodist Church Strategic Committee meeting  
18    End of Life Service Social Enterprise meeting    
17    Hon. Guest to Asian Financial Forum 
        The Chinese YMCA meeting 
         HK Social Enterprise Summit 2011 Organizing Committee meeting  
16     Hon. Guest to Methodist Centre 31st Annual Dinner
14     End of Life Service Social Enterprise meeting
13     Hospital Authority HK West Cluster meeting
12     Postnatal Care SE management meeting 
11     IFA Accounting Social Enterprise meeting
         HK Employment Development Service meeting
10     MentalCare Connect Company Limited (SE) meeting
  9     Supporting Organization to Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship "The 1st Social Enterprise Leadership Workshop" in Beijing
  8     Hon. Guest to Wofoo Social Enterprise Conference
  7    The Evangelical Lutheran Church of HK Advisors Meeting
  6     Social Enterprise Academy meeting 
         Prince of Wales Hospital meeting
  4     40+ Elderly & Patient Care Social Enterprise meeting 
  3     End of Life Social Enterprise meeting
  1     Hon. Guest to GoFunCard Limited New Year Dinner