2012 Sept

posted Sep 28, 2012, 6:33 PM by ADM SEIC   [ updated Sep 28, 2012, 6:34 PM ]
28    Hon. Guest to New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre AGM 
        Hon. Guest Speaker (Topic - Social Enterprise & Civil Society) for Dongguan, PRC government officials at CUHK 
        Hon. Guest Speaker (Topic - Postnatal Care Workers and Beauty Care Staffing requirements) for Neighbour & Workers Education Centre 
        Hon. Guest to NT North Fight Drugs Forum with NDH HCE and Commissioner for Narcotics
27     Nail Specialist SE meeting
26     China Entrepreneur Network meeting 
25     PWH meeting
         HAB meeting
24     PYNEH / HKU meeting 
22     Hon. Guest to PYNEH Mid-Autumn Festival Party
21     Music @ Community meeting
20     Life Style SE meeting
         HA West Cluster meeting
         Hon. Guest to H.K. SE Summit 5th Anniversary Ceremony officiated by CS - Mrs. Carrie Lam
         Hon. Guest to H.K. Accountants celebrating National Day Banquet 
16     Hon. Guest to Hosanna Chanters 20th Anniversary Concert
13     Tutorial SE meeting
         HK SE Summit Organizing Committee meeting
12     Social Enterprise Four Sectors Supporters Awards meeting
11     HKU Centre on Behavioral Study meeting
         Life Style SE meeting  
10     HKSEIC Fundraising meeting
9       HKSEIC staff meeting
7       Lunch invitation by North District Hospital
6       "Music in Hospital" performed by HK Baptist U students for PYNEH patients
5       Education SE meeting
4       Hon. Guest Speaker to CUHK / Nankai U "Chinese Society Welfare Policy International Conference"
3       HKSEIC Postnatal Care SE meeting
2       Hon. Guest to Mirror 35th Anniversary Dinner 
1       Keynote Speaker to "United Social Entrepreneurship Conference"