2013 Jan

posted Feb 1, 2013, 8:50 AM by Paul Wong   [ updated Mar 2, 2013, 8:34 PM ]
31   Hon. Guest to TOYPA Annual Dinner officiating by HKSAR CE - Mr. C.Y. Leung
30   Hon. Guest to International Conference of Sign Linguistics and Deaf Education Asia 2013 Concert
29   HKU SPACE Alumni Council meeting 
       Hon. Guest to HKUST "Conversations on The Role of Social Enterrpises"
28   Music @ Community meeting  
25   H.K. Shue Yan U first "Road to Social Entrepreneurship" lecture 
24   Hon. Guest to Datatrade Limited 30th Anniversary Annual Dinner 
23   Hon. Guest to Mirror 2nd CSR Awards ceremony officiating by HKSAR CE - Mr. C.Y.Leung 
22   Music @ Community SE meeting 
21   HA HK East Cluster "cancer survivors serving cancer patients" project meeting
19   Hon. Guest Speaker to Neighbourhood & Work's Centre Kwai Chung Career Expo
16   Music @ Community SE meeting
       EOL SE meeting
       HK SE Summit OC meeting 
15   HK Baptist U Creative Project presentation supervision
       CUHK Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies meeting
14   Fun Channel meeting 
11   Music @ Community SE meeting  
10   Touch Social Enterprise  (beauty care) meeting 
6     Hon. Officiating Guest to Yan Yan Music Education Tuen Mun New Branch Grand Opening Ceremony
4     PYNEH meeting
3     Music @ Community meeting
2     NDH meeting