2013 Mar

posted Apr 4, 2013, 11:10 AM by Paul Wong   [ updated Apr 29, 2013, 7:58 PM ]


28 Lunch with UCH

     TWEH meeting

     Hon. Guest to CUHK Shaw College General Education Awards Ceremony

26 Hon. Guest to HKCT Employers Lunch

Hon. Guest to VTC Annual Reception

25 Hon. Guest to CDI (Community Development Initiative) "Engagement with HAB - Government Policy on SE" forum

22 Music @ Community presentation to HK SYU students

21 Hon. Guest to HKUSPACE cocktail reception

20 PYNEH Music Therapy SE meeting

19 Interview by Guangdong Media on SE

18 Lunch invitation by CUHK / PWH

15 Hon. Guest to Fukien Secondary School Work Experience Placement Program Kick-off Ceremony

14 EOL SE meeting

13 QM Music SE meeting

8 Hon. Guest to Kaman Beauty Cente (Beauty Care SE partner) Annual Dinner

7 Hon. Guest Speaker to PYNEH "Walking in the Rain" project

   Hon. Guest to Kaman Beauty Centre Annual Dinner

6 Beauty Care SE meeting

5 Regeneration Society Board of Directors meeting

4 Hon. Guest to CUHK Centre for Civil Society Studies Forum

3 2013 Regeneration Warriors Selection Day

2 HK SE Summit Organizing Commitee dinner meeting

1 "Walking in the Rain" kick off ceremony - Lee Hysan Foundation / PYNEH; QM; TWEH