2009 Aug

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31    TWGH Jockey Club Rehabilitation Campus meeting
29    Institute of Financial Accountants Council Meeting
26    TWGH Kwong Wah Hospital meeting
22     Hon. Guest to Healthgate Medical Centre 6th Anniversary Dinner

22   "Outstanding Second Career Award"  傑出義職人士選舉   awarded by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals & JCI
18     Institute of Financial Accountants Shenzhen visit
15     Regeneration Society - Regeneration Warriors Hang Seng Bank Press Release
14     Rotary Club Luncheon meeting
13     Methodist Church Education Forum
12     Senior Citizen Home Safety Association meeting
11     HK Council of Early Childhood Education & Services site visit 
7       Institute of Financial Accountants EGM
6       The Neighbourhood Advice - Action Council meeting
4       HKU SPACE Alumni Council Meeting
1       HKSEIC Organization Structure formally established
         HKSEIC Panel of Advisors
         Prof. K.M. CHAN            -   Director, Centre for Civil Society Studies, CUHK
         Dr. Darwin CHEN SBS     -   Chairman, School Advisory Board, HKU SPACE
         Dr. Margaret CHUNG      -   Board Member, Hospital Authority
         Mr. James KONG JP       -   Chairman, HK East Fight Crime Committee 
         Dr. Jane LEE                  -   Deputy Direstor / Head of College of Business & Finance, HKU SPACE
         Dr. Lewis LUK                -   President, HK Brands Protection Alliance
         Mr. Richard TSANG        -   Chairman & M.D., Strategic Public Relations Group
         Prof. Dr. Martin WONG   -   Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
         Dr. Loretta YAM BBS       -    Cluster Chief Executive, Hospital Authority
         HKSEIC Board of Directors
         Mr. Raymond YIM, Chairman    -   CM CONSULTANTS (Corproate turnaround / China business / pre-IPO)
         Ms  Grace FONG, Secretary       -    FONG YIN CHEUNG & CO, Solicitors & Notaries
        HKSEIC Committees                                            -      Chairpersons
        Strategic Committee                                           -     Ms. Anita LEE, Chartered Accountant
        Fundraising & Public Relations Committee         -      Mr. RaymondYIM, Founder,CM CONSULTANTS 
        Postnatal Nursing Care Committee                     -      Dr. C.M.TAI, Cluster Services Director, Hospital Authority
        Business Networking Committee                        -      Mr. K.W CHAN, BNI Hon. Director
        District Liaison Committee                                 -      Dr. Carol MA, Office of Service Learning, Lingnan University
        Academic and Publications Committee               -      Dr. Kent LEE, Department of Sociology, CUHK
Aug 16, 2009, 9:26 AM