2009 Dec

posted Dec 15, 2009, 2:12 AM by ADM SEIC   [ updated May 22, 2010, 7:50 AM ]
31       Methodsit Church New Year Eve Dinner
29       Lunch invitation by HKU SPACE
           Chair HKU SPACE Alumni Council Social Enterprise Committee meeting
           HKU SPACE College of Business & Finance meeting
28       Institute of Financial Accountants Council Meeting
23       Hon. Guest to Kingsway Fellowship Christmas Gathering
21       Chair HKU SPACE Alumni Council Social Enterprise Committee meeting 
           Lunch invitation by Community Health Organization for Intervention, Care & Empowerment 
20       Hon. Guest to Methodist Chai Wan Elderly Centre 30th Anniversary Carnival
19       Hon. Guest to HK Social Enterprise Challenge Forum
18       HK Social Enterprise Summit Organizing Committee meeting
           Hon. Guest Speaker on "Social Enterprise for Renal Rehabilitation" to Tuen Mun Hospital
           Hon. Guest to Bakke University School of Business set-up ceremony
17       Hon. Guest to AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) HK Chapter Chrsitmas Gathering
           Guest to The Open University of HK Eighteenth Congregation

15     Hon. Guest to The Christian Prison Pastoral Association Christmas Lunch
         Hon. Guest to HK Development Forum
         Social Entrepreneurs Forum dinner invitation
         HK Methodist Church Council Meeting
14     erb (Employees Retraining Board) meeting  
13     Volunteer service to Methodist Church Children Choir 20th Anniversary Concert
12     Hon. Guest to Wanchai District Board Dinner 
9       Lingnan University meeting 
         Hon. Guest to HK PHAB Annual Dinner
8       Hon. Guest to The Dale Carnegie Christmas Cocktail Party
         Wofoo Social Enterprise meeting
         Hon. Guest to CPD Alliance Christmas Party 
         Methodist C hurch Strategic Committee meeting
7       HKU SPACE Alumni Council Social Enterprise Committee meeting
4       Hon. Guest to GIDEON Field Training Corporation 11th Anniversary cum Dinner
3       IVE Meeting
         Hon. Guest to Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Annual Dinner 
2       HKU Exchange Student meeting 
1       HKSEIC Tuen Mun District Office meeting