2010 Feb

posted Feb 15, 2010, 7:10 AM by ADM SEIC   [ updated May 22, 2010, 7:54 AM ]
27     Health & Lifestyle Channel meeting
25     HK Social Enterprise Summit 2010 Organizing Committee meeting
         Methodist Church Strategic Committee meeting
24     HK Social Entrepreneurship Forum AGM
23     HK Baptist University - HK Organic Resource Centre Lunch Meeting
22     HKSEM (HK Social Enterprise e-Magazine) meeting
20     Christian New Life Association Anti-drugs Program sharing session invitation 
19     BNI meeting
18     HKSAR Government Education Bureau - Under Secretary for Education (Kenneth Chen Wei-on) Meeting
17     HKU CEDARS lunch invitation

         - Appointed as Vice-chairman to HKU SPACE Alumni Council Corporate Social Responsibility Committee 
         - Appointed as Part-time Lecturer to CUHK - General Education
         - Appointed as Advisor to HKU - General Education        
11     Coffee Shop Social Enterprise set-up meeting 
10     HK SE E-magazine interview - MentalConnect Limited / HKU SPACE
9       HK Methodist Church Council Meeting 
         HK SE E-magazine interview - Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council
8       Association of Fundraising Professionals meeting
6       Regeneration Society Board of Directors meeting
         Hon. Guest to HK Social Enterprise Challenge Awards Ceremony cum Dinner
5       Hon. Guest to PYNEH Hunterian Professorship Symposium cum Dinner
4       Regenberation Society / Medical Council meeting
         Social Enterprise Venture Capital Fund set-up meeting
2       Micro-financing / Social enterprise Venture Capital Fund Social Enterprise set-up meeting
1       HKU - social enterprise meeting