2010 May

posted May 21, 2010, 4:45 AM by ADM SEIC   [ updated Jul 1, 2010, 10:00 AM ]
31      Guest Lecturer to CUHK Summer Course "Identify Social Needs in the Community" together with NAAC District Director
29      Hon. Speaker on "Social Enterprise" to HKU students
          Regeneration Society Annual Lunch 
           Methodist Church Council Annual Conference 
27       Guest Lecturer to CUHK Summer Course "Global & Local Social Enterprise" together with HKSEIC Academic Committee Chairman - Dr. Kent Lee 
26       Guest Lecturer to CUHK Summer Course "What is Social Enterprise" together with HKSEIC Academic Committee Chairman - Dr. Kent Lee
25       HK SE Summit 2010 Organizing Committee meeting
           Legislative Councillor, Fred Fung KK meeting
24       Lingnan University meeting
           HK SE e-Magazine Editorial Board meeting
22       Hon. Guest to Hong Kong Humanity Award Ceremony
20       Hon. Guest to HK Elite Athelets Association Annual Dinner
19       YWCA meeting
           HKSEM interviewing HKSEIC 
18       Regeneration Society Social Enterprise Committee meeting  
17       Inauguration of Queen Mary Hospital Postnatal Care Social Enterprise

14      HKU meeting
          YMCA meeting 
13      Shatin Hospital meeting
          HKU SPACE Alumni Council meeting
          HK SE e-Magazine Editorial Board meeting 
12      CBN HK meeting
11      Methodist Church Council Meeting 
10      Methodist Centre Elderly Committee meeting
          HKU CEDARS meeting
8        Hon. Guest to Methodist Centre Thanksgiving Service
7        Shanghai Fudan University meeting
6        Queen Mary Hospital meeting 
5        The Association of Christian Hospital Chaplaincy Ministry meeting
4        HKSEM interviews Ms. Florence Hui - Under Secretary to Home Affairs Department
          CUHK meeting
          Methodist Church Strategic Committee meeting
3        HKU Social Sciences Research Centre meeting
1        HK Council of Early Childhood & Education Services Association meeting
          New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association meeting