Creative Arts Therapy inspires a freedom of self-understanding, self-directing and self-expression that is healing and transformative  Reawakening and enjoying these internal qualities energies bring insights, personal strengths and a deep connection to self and others. It is a total experience for a client to explore himself / herself fully through the channel of arts, music, dance, writing, drama or even play instead of the traditional talk therapies. The therapy is getting more and more popular in Greater China in recent years with growing number of music, arts, dance and expressive arts therapists; accelerating service requests from school, church and NGO settings. The therapy is suitable for people with mental illness, patients with different physical illness or diseases and normal persons with emotional disturbance. All age groups including elderly, adults, teenagers and children can be accommodated.

Creative Arts Therapy is a very new topic in Hong Kong not to say running in a social enterprise model. In the meantime potential collaborating partners are the American Dance Therapy Association ( and the Inspires Institute of Creative Arts Therapy (