Message from Chairman

Dear HKSEIC Friends / Supporters,

May I have the pleasure in sharing with you the attached HKSEIC 2013 Year Plan.

Highlights are:

1. Raymond upon the invitation of a commercial Funeral Service Company that targets high end / middle class markets be their Hon. Advisor.
This is the first funeral service company in Hong Kong offering tailor made funeral services for each unique customer while 50% profits earned will donate to HKSEIC fulfilling CSR (corporate social
responsibility) and further incubating other pioneer social enterprises.

2. HKSEIC setting up a pioneer Beauty Care & Nails SE providing job opportunities for young ex-drug addicts / deaf / ex-sex workers in collaboration with 3 beauty care groups.

3. In consolidating "Music in Hospital" and "Music in Community" services, HKSEIC will set up a pioneer "Music Social Enterprise" with the support from a Hong Kong pioneer "Music Therapy SE".

4. Earning the support of HA, HKSEIC pioneer project : "Cancer Survivors Serving Cancer Patients" has already started in the HK East / HK West and NT East Clusters.
With the generous donation from the Lee Hysan Foundation, the service will be targeted to cover all HA clusters.

5. Raymond will continue promote SE through advising and lecturing in various HK universities on Service Learning / Experimental Learning and General Education

Looking forward to your continuing support.

Best regards
Mar 2, 2013, 8:53 PM