·  To bring good news to the poor

·  To proclaim release to the captives

·  To set free those who are downtrodden              




·  To conduct research into social enterprise

·  To promote four sectors (commercial / NGO / academics / government) collaboration in developing social enterprise

·  To promote social enterprise & corporate social responsibility to commercial sector

·  To promote social enterprise academic courses for tertiary institutions

·  To advice NGOs in social enterprise development





(In alphabetical order)


Prof. Andrew CHAN SBS JP                                                   陳志輝教授 SBS JP

Director                                                                              行政人員公商管理碩士課程主任

EMBA Programme, CUHK                                                      香港中文大學


Prof. K.M. CHAN                                                                   陳健民教授

Director                                                                               公民社會研究中心主任

Centre for Civil Society Studies, CUHK                                  香港中文大學


Dr. Darwin CHEN SBS                                                            陳達文博士 SBS

Chairman – School Advisory Board,                                        顧問委員會主席

HKU SPACE                                                                           香港大學專業進修學院

Dr. Margaret CHUNG                                                             鍾惠玲博士

Board Member                                                                      董事局成員

Hospital Authority, HKSAR                                                    香港特別行政區醫院管理局


Mr. James KONG JP                                                              江子榮特許會計師JP

Chairman – HK Island East Fight Crime Committee                 東區撲滅,罪行委員會主席

HKSAR                                                                                 香港特別行政區


Dr. Jane LEE                                                                        李靜儀博士

eputy Director/Head of College of Business & Finance           副院長及金融商業學院總監

HKU SPACE                                                                          香港大學專業進修學院


Dr. Lewis LUK                                                                      陸地博士

Chairman & CEO                                                                  主席及行政總裁

Lusignan Group                                                                   安陸集團有限公司


Mr. Richard TSANG                                                               曾立基先生

Chairman and M.D.                                                               董事長兼董事總經理

Strategic Public Relations Group                                           縱横公共關系顧問集團有限公司


Prof. Dr. Martin WONG                                                         黃至生醫生教授

School of Public Health & Primary Care                                社區及家庭醫學系教授

Faculty of Medicine, CUHK                                                   香港中文大學醫學院


Dr. Loretta YAM BBS                                                             任燕珍醫生BBS

Cluster Chief Executive                                                        聯網行政總監

HK East Cluster, Hospital Authority                                       醫院管理局港島東區醫院





Founding Chairman:                                                              主席

YIM Chun-man, Raymond                                                       嚴俊民會計師

CM CONSULTANTS                                                                 嚴氏企業顧問公司

Corporate Turnaround / China business development




Founding Secretary                                                              秘書

FONG Yin-cheung, Grace                                                      方燕翔律師

FONG YIN CHEUNG & CO                                                      方燕翔律師事行

Solicitors & Notaries / China-Appointed Attesting Officer





Miss Kim Alter

Managing Director – Virtue Ventures LLC, USA

Visiting Scholar – University of Oxford, UK



HKSEIC Committees:


·       Academic & Publications Committee 學術及出版委員會

HKSEIC academic papers and books / magazines / articles publishing

Dr. Kent Lee – CUHK (chair) 李勁華博士

Ms. Winnie LI


·       Business Networking Committee  企業網絡委員會

HKSEIC business sectors liaison in CSR and social enterprise set-up.

Mr. K.W. Chan – BNI Director (chair) 陳嘉維先生 – BNI商會董事

Dr. H.M. LIU


·       Districts Liaison Committee 社區聯系委員會

HKSEIC district offices development and districts stakeholders’ liaison

   Dr. Carol Ma – Lingnan University (chair) 馬學嘉博士

Dr. Y.F. MAK


·       Fundraising & Public Relations Committee 籌款及公關委員會

HKSEIC funding support and public relations / media / events management

Ms. Caron POON / Mr. Chris YU


·       Postnatal Nursing Care Committee  陪月社企委員會

HKSEIC Postnatal Nursing Care Social Enterprise development

Dr. C.M. TAI (chair) – Hospital Authority戴澤民醫生

Ms. Ada YU / Ms. Camille HUI

·       Strategic Committee            策略委員會

HSEIC strategic development and social enterprise incubation tactics

Ms. Anita Lee – Chartered Accountant (chair)     李倩萍特許會計師





We wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following individuals and organizations for their valuable support and assistance to HKSEIC:



Ms. Amana CHEUNG / Ms. Stella FOK / Mr. Stephen HO / Ms. Ruby KU / Ms. Irene LEUNG Ms. Ann LAU / Mr. Edwin LEUNG / Dr. Stephen MO / Mr. Jackson MOK / Ms. Mavis MOK

Ms. Zoe NG / Ms. Flora PUN / Ms. Irene SO / Ms. Agnes TAI / Dr. Mark TANG

Ms. Rose TUNG / Mr. Paul WONG / Ms. Pearl WONG / Ms. Grace WU / Ms. Yvonne YEUNG  



·       ATech Health Specialists Ltd.

·       Amazing Grace Holistic Health Care Centre

·       BNI

·       CM Consultants

·       GT Consultancy (international) Limited

·       Hong Kong Professionals & Senior Executives Association

·       Institute of Financial Accountants

·       Papa-dio Company limited

·       Pro LINK International Translation Service Ltd.

·       Sincere Group Limited



·       Bakke Graduate University (Hong Kong)

·       City University of Hong Kong

·       HKU

·       HKU SPACE l

·       Hong Kong Baptist University

·       Institute of Vocational Education

·       Lingnan University

·       The Chinese University of Hong Kong




·       Christian Prison Pastoral Association

·       Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood & Education Services

·       Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum

·       Key Life Training Association

·       Methodist Church

·       Regeneration Society

·       Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

·       The Evangelical Gospel Lutheran Church

·       The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council

·       The Oaks



·       Home Affairs Department

·       Hospital Authority

·       Social Welfare Department





·       Wong Tai Sin District Office

Flat A & B, Room 9, 3/F, Wing Hin Building, 31-33 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong,

Kowloon, HK.


·       Wanchai District Office

Room 803, 8/F, Connaught Commercial Building, 185 Wanchai Road, HK.


·       Sheung Wan District Office

Suite 404. 4/F, Manley Commercial Building, 367-375 Queen’s Road Central, HK.


·       Kwun Tong District Office

Unit B, 2/F, Capital Trade Centre, 62 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK.


Address:    Suite 1432, 14/F., Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, H.K.

Mobile:     9819 9021

Fax:        2893 5935



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